We’re passionate about creating fast and scaling WordPress sites.
Helping you grow your business.

Our goal is to be your partner in helping you scale your business through your website. We succeed if you succeed. It’s that simple.

We take care of our clients’ WordPress sites since 2006. We build high-performing WordPress sites that are fast, scalable, secure, and ready for growth ever since.

We navigate your business beyond your competitors’. We work as your web development partner, entirely as an extension to your team. We’ll help you steer through the complexity of scaling.


Located in the Netherlands, we focus on building sites with WordPress since 2006. Truer than North is run by Remkus de Vries and his small team of dedicated WordPress experts.

Everything we do is with performance in mind. In terms of speed, as well as scaling–being able to handle large volumes of traffic without a performance hit.
We build solutions to fix the root of any challenge.

How we can help

custom development

We build your custom WordPress powered website. Performant, stable, extendable, and ready for growth and the future.

Technical partner

Extending your team with our technical know-how. That’s the position from where we can help you best reach your goals.

Performance Tuning

We help you make your site become fast and scalable. We provide ongoing maintenance and optimizing plans for your ease of mind.

Our job is to make your job easier. From building custom WordPress sites to advanced integrations with external APIs, or mobile apps connecting to your WordPress sites. We’re here to help. Learn more about out what we do.



The most flexibele and powerful CMS in the world. Powering over 40% of the entire internet.


The most popular and versatile e-commerce solution on top of WordPress.


Your community in a box. Easily turn any WordPress site into a full fledged community site.

Full Site Editing

We’ve fully embraced WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) editing experience. Nothing beats native WordPress in terms of speed

Accelerated Domains

Better security, better performance, better everything is what Accelerated Domains allows us to build better sites with.


The fastest and best scalable WordPress hosting provider with powerful tools for developers. We love them.


A complete reboot of our technical infrastructure turned out to be necessary, but fortunately also came with excellent results. The technical performance of our sites skyrocketed, resulting in much faster loading times. Partly thanks to the adjustments made by Remkus and his team, the unique reach on Autoblog.nl has increased since by more than 50%.
We can now continue to build on new functionality and new projects. Remkus is a great sparring partner for creating good implementations from half-presented ideas as well.

–Wouter Karssen, General Manager Autoblog.nl